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Coins mirror glasses are handed down from ancient times , and if you only think of Pu Yi is the mirror figure , then I want to hear the name , you will be in a certain part of the brain where memories tune out the name , he is one of the greatest music legends john lennon ???????????????? Curator the beatles museum mike byrne on bbc said: "You immeasurably by his bizarre spectacles to see the world is closer to the real john lennon he wore it so many creative people unforgettable music. . " john lennon is certainly the biggest legends in music history , he is not just the beatle 's soul , it is the greatest rock and roll musician , poet , social activist . One year into his death, just to see New York strawberry printed imagine that by brick covered with flowers around would personally feel he has been overtaken by the enormous influence of fly ash in the real world , he seems to have like andy warhol or allen ginsberg , become one of the benchmark of contemporary popular culture. I was secretly wondering : he either go so unexpected , or still like another member of the Beatles macartney paul live so moist, he can have it now so it goes in the myth ? The idea is to bring a little interesting paradox: Under john lennon 's reputation, except that everyone will sing the first few sentences of the "imagine" or "jealous guy", you really know how much of his music ? coins through his lens , maybe not the colorful world to see , of course, to see what only he himself clearly , then people only come to conduct an assessment of his glasses from the money. john lennon the beatles had last tour concert wearing the classic , iconic gold-rimmed glasses on a round frame retro music product collection site auction, the auction reserve price is 750,000 euros. Lennon pair of glasses is presented in Japan in 1966 when the show to his translation of the Japanese hair junishi yore is the generation of the iconic pop sta

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Chanel show this kind of cosplay and the movie " Marie Antoinette " a combination of feeling fabulous cream also runs through the show , the Chinese supermodel Liu Wen , Shu Pei Qin , Ju Xiaowen led deduction. ? Marie Antoinette era reproduce retro court style . ????????????????
chanel2012-2013 early spring vacation series
< dd> chanel2012-2013 early spring vacation series
The chanel in place to do the show and the movie " Marie Antoinette " are well-known attractions in the Palace of Versailles in France , not only place a similar overall atmosphere is very similar to the collar and cuffs and hem catwalk model and temperament " Marie Antoinette ", as if returned to the French court of Louis XIV (14) .
chanel2012-2013 early spring vacation series
< dd> chanel2012-2013 early spring vacation series
Although this chanel show like " Marie Antoinette ," but there are some changes to karl put heavy wear but does not apply to the large court dress in chiffon dress texture that fitness wear and lightweight .
cheap Ray Bansjpg" alt = "chanel2012-2013 early spring vacation series " />
< dd> chanel2012-2013 early spring vacation series
The chanel ladies also integrated into the French court men's style , not only into the men's clothing and even hair style also borrowed from the French tradition of male hairstyle.
chanel2012-2013 early spring vacation series
< dd> chanel2012-2013 earl

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For the star, bicycle travel more one minute relaxing and comfortable. Recently we have bike lanes Square shuttle , the interpretation of each bicycle chic. Look, Katie - Perry lace dress 30 degrees scoliosis good skill, Agnes - Dean shorts white tee ready to go, Kristen - Dunst is dancing in white dress enjoying the afternoon sun , the two-wheeled transportation charm tools you feel it?
jennifer esposito yellow color is gorgeous knit vest large brim straw hat shading play a good role in the overall dress fresh and generous .
Agnes - Dean shallow gray basic t -shirt is very wild, with denim shorts handsome. Silver bike is pocketed the eye .
Bond girl Famke - Jensen purple striped t-shirt with the same color bud skirt quite preppy flavor.
Discount Ray Bansjpg" />
Goldie - a casual Horn dress is very comfortable camisole with dark gray leggings in seven great athlete style.
Hayley - Duff Blue Bai Haijun shirt striped t-shirt refreshingly simple , it is consistent with denim shorts summer feeling.
Helena - Christensen printing light green dress with f

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On Thursday, Google announced that they are developing can help patients to measure blood glucose concentration smart contact lenses. In fact, Google is not the Silicon Valley technology giant lenses in the face of smart wearable devices first attempt , but Google is also not the only one in the field of "players ." Currently , in the field of wearable smart devices face with five heavyweight technology companies , they are: ???????????????? 1. Google Over the past year , Google will create its own consumer expectations became a highly wearable equipment manufacturing company : Google glasses and contact lenses to attract a lot of smart consumer eyeballs. It should be noted that although the glasses and contact lenses in real life people playing a similar role , but Google Google glasses and contact lenses, there is a huge difference. Google glasses may be in people 's eyes, is a more traditional wearable smart device : it is only through the human eye in front of the monitor to achieve some functions , such as browsing the message, look at the time and weather , navigation. Relatively speaking, Google Contacts has more special features : measuring blood glucose levels in diabetic . It allows the patient to get rid of dependence on the blood glucose meter , through the tears analysis can help users understand the body's blood sugar levels. With Google glasses and contact lenses , for Google , the introduction of the smart binoculars, opera glasses and medical glasses is a matter of time . 2. oculus vr Over the past ten years time , at home playing video games is basically two situations: a screen , a video game console , standing a few meters away waving arms , or just playing comput

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Everyone has their favorite idol , but not everyone has the opportunity to express their love to the idol , but you can choose to have their portrait wearing a printed t-shirt or skirt US to love, to see the stars of the demonstration can be obtained character design fashions strong return soon . ????????????????
 YAO wearing jil sander 2012 spring and summer series
YAO wearing jil sander 2012 Spring Series
YAO wearing jil sander 2012 Spring Series Fashion Analysis : Yao Chen ( microblogging ) wearing jil sander Picasso pattern fifth sleeve cotton sweater , with a refreshing mint green silk shorts charming.
Ray Bans outletbmp" alt = " Rihanna was wearing topshop uniquew 2012 spring and summer series " / >
Rihanna wearing topshop uniquew 2012 Spring Series
Rihanna wearing topshop uniquew 2012 Spring Series Fashion Resolution: Rihanna wearing a painting of Elizabeth - Taylor Avatar topshop uniquew t -shirt debut exaggerated "Cleopatra " necklace is very suck the eye .
 Katie - Perry wearing a yellow dress Obama Avatar
Katie - Perry wearing a yellow dress Obama avatar
Katie - Perry wearing a yellow dress Obama Avatar Fashion Resolution: Katie - Perry wearing a yellow dress picture Obama will push the forefront of fashion portrait of a single product .
 Monroe character pattern vest
Monroe character pattern vest